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Welcome to India Udyam, your 360 Degree Business Marketing Service Provider. As a leader in digital marketing solutions, we offer comprehensive WhatsApp Marketing services designed to enhance your business communication and drive engagement with your target audience. Our tailored strategies help you leverage the power of WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms, to achieve your marketing goals.

We Provide Complete WhatsApp Engagement Platform Services

Businesses drive 25-75% Revenues using WhatsApp Marketing Platform

  • You can Broadcast Promotional Offers to Unlimited Users without any limits. 
  • You can Sell your Products & Services on WhatsApp using Catalogs. 
  • You can Automate Messages via Integrations with Third-Party Apps.
  • You can Enable Multi-Agent Live Chat for Customer Support.
  • Build Chatbots & Solve for 24 x 7 Support & Engagement and Grow your Business.

⚡️Powered by Official WhatsApp Business API

India Udyam WhatsApp Marketing Services

The Most 'Complete' WhatsApp Platform
to Grow Your Business

Everything you need to notify, chat & engage your users All in one place. 

1. Broadcast Messaging

Import & Broadcast Instantly

  • You can simply Import all your Contacts and Broadcast approved messages Instantly.  
  • See real-time analytics on the AiSensy Platform for delivered, read rates and more.
  • Well, WhatsApp recently allowed Businesses to Broadcast and Automate Promotional Messages via WhatsApp Business API. 

  • You can Now Send Exciting Offers, Discount Coupon Code and Festival Wishes without getting your Number blocked!

2. Live Chat

Multiple Human Live Chat

  • Have multiple team members to drive Live Chat Support on the Same WhatsApp Business Number. 
  • Filter Chats according to tags, campaigns and attributes for Smart Agent Chat Routing.

3. Smart Chatbot

Solve Customer Queries 24x7

  • Build Smart Chatbots with a Drag & Drop function & monitor conversations from Live Chat Dashboard.
  • Solve Customer Queries, Send Images, Files & Videos in a smart, Automated Manner.

4. Automation

Connect your CRMs with APIs

  • Connect your CRM, Payment Portals, eCommerce Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Hubspot. Zapier via APIs.
  • Automate notifications for Abandoned Cart, Application Drop-off, Order Confirmation, Event Updates & more 

5. Track Analysis

Real-Time Analytics

  • Track your campaign results in real-time.
  • Monitor Read, Replied & Clicked rates for each campaign and retarget smartly for higher conversions!

6. Sell your Products on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Catalog, Cart & Payments in One Place!

  • DRAG & DROP CHATBOT & CATALOG BUILDER – Build your Own Chatbot Flows your Way! Easy-to-use Chatbot & Catalog Flow builder to build your conversational journeys

  • WHATSAPP CART & CATALOGS – Drive Orders via WhatsApp with WhatsApp Catalogs and Cart. Seamlessly build your Catalog in 10 minutes and get going!

  • WHATSAPP PAYMENTS -Yes! Collect Payments now on WhatsApp Seamlessly with WhatsApp Pay and other modes of Payments (Razorpay, Payu etc) and grow your revenues.

7. Run Click to WhatsApp Ads for 5X Leads

Run Ads on Facebook & Instagram that land on WhatsApp.

5X Your lead generations & 2-3X Conversions Instantly!

  • Build Click to WhatsApp Ads from AiSensy Platform 
  • Get all your Leads Segregated according to Ad Campaigns 
  • Build Chatbot Flows based on Ads or Retarget via Broadcast

8. Smart Retargeting for 3X Sales

Segregate your Audiences Smartly and Re-Broadcast for Higher Conversions!

  • SMART AUTO-SEGREGATIONAiSensy automatically segregates your broadcast audience by Delivered, Read, Replied Audiences. Run Retargeting Campaigns on the Basis of these filters.
  • DRIVE 3X SALES – Retargeting Campaigns have proven to Increase sales and engagement for Businesses

9. Save your Drop-offs

Abandoned Cart Recovery & CTA

  • Recover Abandoned Carts, Application Drop-offs within minutes using Whatsapp Smart Notifications. 
  • These Notifications have special CTA(Call-to-Action) Buttons that drive Engagement

10. Get WhatsApp Business API in 10 Minutes

Get Verified Fastly

AiSensy Platform is powered by Official Whatsapp Business APIs and is in alignment with all Whatsapp Rules. 


  • Get Verified Green Tick on your Whatsapp  
  • Broadcast Unlimited Notifications everyday
  • 24×7 Chat Support by AiSensy Team

Why Choose WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is the One Platform that brings together Actionable Notifications & Customer Support! 

Open Rates

WhatsApp Messages has an Open Rate of 98% which is HUGE as compared to the 12% Open Rates of SMS and Email.

Click Rates

WhatsApp allows you to send interactive Call To Action buttons having 45-60% click-rates which is not like any other normal URL.

2.4 Bn+
Active Users

Send Quick Reply buttons to your customers on WhatsApp for their instant response generation.

How is WhatsApp Business API Different?

WhatsApp has a 98% Message Open Rate & 45-80% Click-through Rates making it the best platform to reach customers where they already are!To help businesses drive the complete potential of WhatsApp Marketing, Meta launched WhatsApp Business API.WhatsApp Business API was launched to help businesses communicate with their leads & customers at scale on WhatsApp!It’s the Official way to scale your user engagement on WhatsApp and grow your Business.That’s right! NO more worries about Number getting Blocked!With AiSensy’s Official WhatsApp API powered platform, drive the WhatsApp wave in your business’ favour.Want to try the WhatsApp API for Free?

Here is a comparative how Whatsapp Business API is different from Whatsapp Business App

Growing Businesses

Whatsapp Business API

Small Businesses

Whatsapp Business App

WhatsApp Marketing Plans




No-Code Chatbot Builder

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
1000 Free Service Conversations/month 1000 Free Service Conversations/month 1000 Free Service Conversations/month  
Unlimited Agent Logins All features in Basic Plan Recommended for Brands with 5 Lac+ Users Simple Drag & Drop ChatBot Builder
Smart Audience Segregation Upto 100 Tags All features in Pro Plan Create 5 Chatbots simultaneously
Broadcasting & Retargeting Upto 20 Custom Attributes Unlimited Tags WhatsApp Scheduler
Template Message APIs Campaign Scheduler Unlimited Attributes WhatsApp Payments
Multi-Agent Live Chat Campaign Click Tracking Downloadable Reports Native Click-To-WhatsApp Ads
Agent Transfer & Manager Monitoring Smart Agent Routing Dedicated Account Manager Click Tracking
AiSensy Marketplace Integrations Campaign Budget Analytics Priority Customer Support WhatsApp Catalogs
1200 Messages/min Project APIs Webhooks WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns
Upto 10 Tags Custom Agent Rules Higher Messaging Speed Automate Queries
Upto 5 Custom Attributes Carousel Template Click Tracking   Drive Sales
Shopify & WooCommerce Integrations CSV Campaign Scheduler   Stay Active 24×7
Dialogflow Chatbot Integration     Turn Leads into Customers Effortlessly
Shared Team Inbox    
Seamless Integration with Business Tools
Click-to-WhatsApp Ads Manager      

Features Included in ALL PLANS

Customer Support

Broadcasting & Automation

Chat CRM & More

FREE WhatsApp Business APIUnlimited Broadcasting CampaignsImport and Export Contacts
Multiple Human Agent Live ChatTemplate Message ApprovalsTrack Customer Journey
One Click Dialogflow IntegrationAutomate Notifications via APIAdd Tags & Attributes
Unlimited Live Chat Agent DashboardsWhatsApp Retargeting CampaignsShopify & WooCommerce Integration
No-Code Chatbot TemplatesReal-Time Campaign AnalyticsZapier and Pabbly Integration
Mobile Responsive DashboardSmart Audience SegmentationShared Team Inbox
Web & Mobile Push Notifications  
  • WhatsApp Conversation is a 24-hour messaging window initiated only when a business messages a user.
  • Businesses and users can exchange any number of messages, including template messages, within a 24 hour conversation session without incurring additional charges.
  • WhatsApp Conversations are Charged depending on the category of Template message & vary as per the receiver’s country.
  • Conversations costs(applicable for Indian numbers) – ₹0.81/ Marketing Conversation ₹0.35/ Authentication Conversation ₹0.35/ Utility Conversation ₹0.35/ Service Conversation.
  • The above Prices are for Sending Conversations in India.
  • All conversations are valid only in a 24 hour period.
  • Green Tick Application: FREE
  • 1000 FREE Conversations/ month (Service Conversations).
  • All above pricing mentioned is exclusive of GST

WhatsApp Pricing :

WhatsApp pricing has been categorized into 4 different categories including:
Product updates, special offers, general advertisements, or promotional messages
Transactional messages like delivery updates or pay confirmation
OTP messages such as account registration, account recovery, and integrity challenges.
Messages related to personalised customer support, addressing queries.

Important Pointers :

  • Businesses can enjoy 1000 free conversations per month for Service category messages.
  • If a business replies to a user with a template message or sends a template message in an open service conversation, this opens a new conversation based on the template category.
  • If a conversation involves multiple categories such as Marketing, Authentication, Utility, or Service, charges will be applied separately for each category’s conversation window initiated.
  • Each category of messages, including Marketing, Authentication, Utility, or Service, incurs its own charges. separately.
  • If you send messages from different categories to the same user within a 24-hour window, you will be charged for each category.
  • When initiating a conversation in a specific category, you have a 24-hour window to chat with your customers without incurring extra charges. This provides ample time to communicate effectively.

Your Customers are on WhatsApp!

Are You?

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